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Mindfulness is a secular form of meditation or 'mind training'
that can help people to manage stress and other problems. 
Amid the pressures of modern life, we spend much of our time ruminating on past experiences, worrying about the future, and sometimes trying too hard to be happy.  
When I work using Mindfulness, my aim is to help people to tune their attention into the present moment. My clients have found that practising mindfulness allows them to take a break from dwelling on the past or the future, leading to a calmer, more focused mind. 


Compassion Focused Therapy


Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) helps people to develop a more compassionate approach to themselves and others. It was developed by a clinical psychologist called Professor Paul Gilbert, who noticed that for some people, traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy did not work so well. There is growing research to shows that CFT is helpful for anxiety, depression, shame, and eating disorders.  


People often say to me "I know my self-critical thoughts are not  logical, but I still feel bad", and this is where developing a different relationship with your thoughts can help. CFT guides people to gain a better understanding of how their minds work. The active steps are to practise mindfulness and compassion in order manage life's ups and downs.


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